Cooling System Service

Cooling system failure is the leading cause of mechanical breakdown. If your cooling system fails, your engine and transmission could suffer major stress-related damage. Make an Autopro Cooling Service part of your normal maintenance schedule.

The problem

  • Coolant degrades over time.
  • Rust and scale deposits can build up in the cooling system, which can lead to poor coolant & circulation, overheating and vehicle breakdown.
  • Cooling system failures are the leading cause of mechanical breakdowns on the road.
  • Conventional “drain and refill” services exchange less than 50% of the coolant.

The solution

AutoPro Cooling Service removes up to 95% of the old coolant and contaminants.
  • Prior to the coolant exchange, a chemical cleaner is added to existing coolant to neutralize acids and safely remove rust, sludge and scale deposits.
  • Following the coolant exchange, a proprietary product is added to the fresh coolant that  stops most radiator and heater core leaks, prevents foaming and lubricates the water pump.
  • Wynn’s state-of-the-art coolant exchange equipment is approved by major vehicle manufacturers and ensures a fast and complete cooling system flush service.
  • Following the Auto Pro Cooling System Service, your vehicle’s cooling system is again ready to take on the heat of the road.
  • Contact our friendly team to talk to us about your car servicing requirements.

Treat your vehicle’s cooling system right with an Autopro cooling service

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