Transmission Flush

More than 90 percent of all automatic transmission failures are linked to overheating or fluid contamination.

AutoPro Transmission Service safely removes virtually all dirty fluid and contaminants and helps extend the life of your transmission.

The problem

A typical transmission drain-and-refill service replaces only 40% of the old contaminated ATF.

  • The remaining ATF is trapped inside valve bodies, the torque converter and transmission cooler lines.
  • New ATF from a conventional drain-and-refill service can often loosen damaging sludge and varnish deposits, but not remove them, which can lead to shift problems and even transmission failure.

Automatic transmission replacement can cost more than $2,500.

The solution

An AutoPro Transmission Service:

Removes over 95% of the used contaminated fluid.

Utilizes a specially formulated transmission cleaning chemistry that safely removes harmful sludge and varnish deposits, which are removed with the old fluid.

Benefits of adding proprietary conditioning chemicals to the new ATF include:

  • Extended transmission fluid life
  • No more rough or hard shifting problems
  • Revitalized seals and o-rings to help stop and prevent leaks
  • Our unique Transmission Service equipment carries multiple patents and is approved by major motor vehicle manufacturers.

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