Trailer Repairs

Do you have a trailer? Do you need it repaired?

Here at Autopro, our commitment to meeting all your vehicular needs extends to trailer repair. No matter the type of trailer, or the type of damage, we can get it sorted for you. Our team of top mechanics have worked with every kind of trailer under the sun, and are more than proficient at sorting out just whatever happens to be the matter with them.

Farm trailer needs fixing? No sweat. At Autopro, we’ve got you covered. Domestic trailer not working? Congratulations! You’re on the right site! Head on down to Autopro, and we’ll have it behaving again in no time. From box trailers to boat trailer to bike trailers, we’ve seen them all, and can get them back in tip-top working condition.

Got rust? We’re more than equipped to handle all rust repair jobs you might have for us. Need electrical work? We can do that too! Want us to take a look at your brakes? Bring your trailer out to Autopro and rest easy, knowing that we’re dedicated to doing a top quality, long lasting trailer repair. Not quite sure what’s wrong with your trailer? Let us take a look at it, and we’ll figure it out, and then fix it!

If you need a Warrant of Fitness for your trailer, our faithful and professional team can take care of that too.

Come see us at Autopro to perform your trailer repair. We do boat trailers, bike trailers, box trailers, farm trailers and domestic trailers. Rust repair, electrical, brakes and WOF’s on trailers. Whatever your trailer needs doing, bring it on down to our workshop, located at 6 Colway Place, Wairau Valley, Auckland. We’ll have it ship shape before you know it.

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